Responsibly Sourced, Social Caterer of French Crêpes & Galettes in London

Good Food, Good People



What if French speciality and local British products could be a perfect mix?

What if simple and typical products could be revisited and still tickle your taste buds?

What if food could be a place where solidarity would be the key to success?

Les Deux Amies will transform any event into a sensational food experience, bringing the “art de vivre” with every bite. We source the freshest produce to create our delicious recipes, ensuring your experience is authentic and a source of pride.

Your work breaks can become a tastier treat shared with colleagues and friends. Flipping Crêpes & Galettes, waking up your palate, we will entertain your parties with fun and creativity.Our stall will be a great addition to a special occasion, after party, exit snack, rehearsal party and corporate event.

Inspired by French classic recipes, modernised in our own way:

  • Local and British products.
  • Have a close relationship with organic or free range suppliers.
  • Bringing new flavor combinations and textures.
  • Create a truly friendly atmosphere deeply integrated in social and solidarity economy.
  • Organizing entertaining events for you.

What we can do




Deeply convinced that the craft industry could be a place for social and solidarity economy, sustainable development and warm environment to be for customers and employees.

Good Food

Through simple and toothsome recipes, we garnish our crêpes and galettes with selected local or organically sourced ingredients, to make every bite truly pleasurable. The menu will change with the seasons to get the best out of each ingredient and keep it interesting for you.

Good People

Working closely with charities, we want to support people to restore their self-esteem and find a new way in their life. We strongly think that we can bring positive change in peoples lives thanks to cooking.




Each product has its own story and we want to make sure you will know everything about it.


Les Deux Amies


Caroline moved to London in 2014 with dreams of starting her own company. She had been travelling for four years before that, during which she missed eating crêpes and galettes. Before her travels she finished graduation from university.


Adeline has more than five years of experience working in the hospitality industry. Because of this, the idea of starting her own business came naturally to her. She is excited to share her passion for good French food with you.

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Why London?

This is the story of two friends who launched their catering company with a strong believe in social and solidarity values and would like to share their passion for crêpes & galettes with you.

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Bon Appetit


Working closely with our suppliers, we want to offer you the best of each product. You will find a great range of sweet and savoury toppings coming from sustainable sources. We are able to please any of your dietary requirements, and are able to offer gluten-free and vegan versions of our products as well. Crunchy, Bubbly, Fondant…we will surprise you!

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The Proffertjes

Due to a large range of toppings combination we can customise our menus for any of you food fancies.

Our minis: The Proffertjes. You never heard about it? These special bite size sweet and savoury Dutch pancakes are going to surprise you!

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Field Day Festival

Saturday, 11 and Sunday, 12 June 2016
All Day
at Victoria Park, London
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Harlequin Euro Festival

Friday, 10 June to Thursday, 14 July 2016
12:30 pm to 1:45 pm
at Devonshire Square, London
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Croydon Food Festival

Sunday, 26 June 2016
Noon to 7 pm
at Croydon South End Restaurant Quarter, Croydon
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Lambeth Country Show

Saturday, 16 and Sunday, 17 July 2016
Noon to 8 pm
at Brockwell Park, London
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Salted Butter Caramel Sauce

The map below shows where you can find our wonderful salted butter caramel sauce. Zoom in on the markers to see the exact locations. Click on them for more details.

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